Milo Isn't Good for You??

Milo Isn't Good for You??
Mitchell Wong
on Food Explore
Feb 9, 2018
11:17 am

This is when you apply the term "Drink in Moderation."

We all do this but.... I'm pretty sure that y'know how much sugar there are in Milo right?


The Malaysian Medical Association (MMA) has advised us treat Milo like how we would treat any other beverage or snacks; Don't Overdo It.

Here are some Fun Facts for you about Milo:

  • Did you know that there 40g of sugar in a 100g serving?
  • NestlĂ© syas that 6% of a serving is sugar, as recommended.
  • From the 6% of sugar per serving, 3% s natural sugar (from mill & malt), and the other 3% is added sugar.

To some, 40g of sugar may seem like a lot, but this is before you have added water to it. 

Remember, water is good for you!

Ultimately, we're not saying to cut out drinking Milo; just enjoy a cup a day. You don't wanna get "jelak" of something this yummy do you? :)

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