Lizard Found in TeaLive Drink

Lizard Found in TeaLive Drink
Feb 12, 2018
6:10 pm

BOO!! HAHA, yes someone spat out a dead tailless lizard after (1) horrific sip of her drink that she had purchased from the Bukit Jalil outlet. 

It could've happened to anyone but the customer described the sensation as a "long jelly" on her tongue. She had made a demand of RM10,000 in compensation cash to Loob Holdings. (no she wasn't given the money of course...)

Can you imagine getting RM10,000 for sipping something that wasn't meant to be in your drink? This sounds a whole lot like Fear Factor to me HAHA!

CEO of Loob Holdings, Bryan Loo has already officially apologized to the customer for the incident, which btw, no one knows if the lizard really came from her drink or not, but both parties are currently in negotiations. 

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