Luis Suarez Mocked for His CNY Greeting

Luis Suarez Mocked for His CNY Greeting
Feb 20, 2018
1:48 am

...and Tourism Malaysia is getting the heat for it. Many say that Tourism Malaysia's partnership with Luis Suarez is a waste of money

To be honest, the quality of the 19-second video is pretty embarrassing...and Malaysian netizens are not pleased at all. As y'know, Malaysians can be pretty expressive when they're unhappy..

...and for what Tourism Malaysia is paying Suarez, I believe MYC! could have done a better job - no offence intended. Did you know that Luis Suarez is being paid RM775,000.00 per video that he is featured in? Dayummmmm....

Why don't you just watch the video and you be the judge:

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