LIFEHACKS: How To Write a Letter to Your Boss

LIFEHACKS: How To Write a Letter to Your Boss
Feb 23, 2018
7:16 am

Here's a LifeHack on How to deal with Milliennial Employee (Perceived or Real) Grievances.

Gen Y & Millennials just don't know HOW to:

  • Complain Effectively
  • Get a Solution
  • STILL Have a SMILE & Work Together with those in Charge :)

Funny thing is most Malaysians choose a 3rd Option - FREEZE (like nothing happened) or just b*tch about it.

So... here is how you SHOULD approach your boss in the best way:

  1. Introduce Yourself with Humility & Gratefulness

    "Hi my name is _________ & I am grateful to be apart of __________, the place I've dreamed of working at (after all, you chose to work here..). I like my colleagues, the environment and where the office is based."

  2. Identify the Problems. Caution: The problems may be REAL to you Only

    "Currently, for employees on the lower rank (Executives & below), their focus on doing more for the Company is challenged by factors like rising prices and high cost of living. This is not the organization's fault, we know that."

  3. Identify the Solution

    "With Humility, I would like to suggest the following Ideas to raise Team Morale:
    - Organize a voluntary Food Bank.
    Like a secret Santa. This is where Senior Executives who feel more generous may wish to donate food/cafe vouchers or even real Food (Glory!)

    - Provide side jobs: Tasks Bank
    Allowing employees to work side jobs within the Company - that would otherwise be outsourced. After all, since we're already here..."

In a Nut Shell, EVERY Company needs Solutions, and that comes from you - the employee.

  • Provide enouh Solutions, they make you a Leader.
  • Those solutions lead to Profits, they make you the CEO.

We are of the hope that more upcoming Millennials (& also Gen X-ers) will choose to FIX problems with WIN-WIN Solutions from all parties.

And Yes, A World of Solutions together - where LIFE IS INDEED UNFAIR.


Reference: This is related to a famouus Yelp millennial employee who wrote to her CEO in San Francisco & broadcasted it publicly.

Full Article: MYC!News JAN Issue

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