5 EASY Goals for Your New Year Resolution

5 EASY Goals for Your New Year Resolution
Feb 23, 2018
8:41 am

Keeping Up with the Buds

  • With your schedule so tight, getting a night out with the guys/girls seems difficult. So, plan ahead with the gang and remember to not let work or classes ruin your social life. A great person is able to manage work & fun at the same time. Tip: Can’t hurt to spend an hour or two, for a quick catch-up with friends at a mamak. Cheap AND easy.


Updating Your Resume

  • It doesn’t take anything more than 30 minutes to do this. Think of the 4 C’s: Clear, Current, Concise, & Curated. You’ll need it, especially if you’re graduating from Uni. First-time jobers, don’t oversell yourself. The 4 C’s are more important than a beautifully-designed one. Tip: I find it helpful to do this while listening to my playlist on Spotify.


Drink More Water

  • It’s CHEAPER and HEALTHIER than carbonated drinks and alcohol. So you can save money and not worry about turning diabetic, ain’t that great?! You need a minimum of 8 BIG glasses of water a day, so take your beer-chugging skills and apply it with water. Trust me, you’ll feel way better after than chugging beer. Tip: I gotta remind myself on this every day too. #youarenotalone


Going Outdoors

  • God created a beautiful Earth so why not enjoy the outdoors rather than staying cooped up indoors? Going outdoors doesn’t require batteries so you don’t need a power bank or data. Just strap on your shoes, pull along friends and family, and enjoy a picnic after a hike! Tip: Keep a mosquito repellent in your bag… and a big water bottle!


MYC! Mobile App + MYC! YouTube channel

  • This will only take a maximum of 5 minutes…well 5 seconds for the YouTube part. Download the MYC! mobile app and get instant updates on what’s happening around you, and just click on the SUBSCRIBE button for TheMYC!TV YouTube channel. Even the laziest millennial can do this :) 

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