5 HARD Goals for Your New Year Resolution

5 HARD Goals for Your New Year Resolution
Feb 23, 2018
9:03 am

Losing Weight

  • A matter that is always easier said than done. You want to hit that gym for an extreme workout BUT everything else seems so much more interesting… like food, Mobile Legends, lepak sessions…. Tip: Personally, I watch my favourite fitness personalities on YouTube and I instantly have a surge of motivation to hit to gym.


Getting Your DREAM Job

  • Really, there’s NO SUCH THING. A job is as good the effort you put in. Turn your “work” into “fun” by being passionate about whatever you do. You’re the conductor of this train ride, so SMILE and be the guy/girl that your boss needs to have around. Tip: Changing jobs when you’re unhappy at your current workplace isn’t highly regarded by future employers.



  • Honestly, holding on to a relationship is harder than keeping a job. Uncontrolled emotions are a common factor to its failure. Don’t ever get TOO COMFORTABLE and always treat every date as though it was your first. Your walk together is an adventure! Tip: My mum always taught me: NO TRUST = NO LOVE. Think about it :)


Buying a House

  • Your job doesn’t pay well and our economy is so shaky; buying a house seems like a dream rather than a goal. However, don’t blame your employer or the economy… be that 1% of responsible millennials who are set apart from the world. Watch your savings and keep your eyes open for financial assistance/initiatives from the government. Tip: check out MYDEPOSIT. That’s what I’m doing too.


Completing Your Bucket List

  • Writing down your bucket list is easy peasy, but achieving it is the challenge. Your battle is finding time and money to make it happen, so feed your “tabung” every day with RM5 minimum, and print out the annual calendar so you can start booking your dates. Grab a bud and plan together to make this more fun! Tip: Don’t think. Just do it! Let’s go!!
Stephen bizpro If one of your resolution is lose weight, watching your weight change interactively by time is another encouraging way to lose weight. I will advocate PICOOC MINI, a smart scale that makes your weight loss more joyful and inspire others. Check it out at

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