Ann Petra M, 19 - INTI International College Subang

Ann Petra M, 19 - INTI International College Subang
Feb 23, 2018
9:39 am

1) Where did you go to School?

I actually had the opportunity to study in an International School in .. Yeah of all Places, Saudi Arabia...
(Editor: Imagine Petra & her short skirts & curiosity .. in Saudi Arabia? .. Naahhh)
and when we came back to Malaysia, a govt school like everyone else I guess.

2) Favourite Hobbies

Following EDM Concerts like the D’Jakarta Warehouse Music, I also Read a lot actually.

And can I call my KittyCat my Hobby? He’s like my Kitty Bestie!

3) Favourite Cosmetics

NARS Babehhhh

4) Best DJ ever?

DJ Tiesto .. like seriously is that even a Question?

5) 3 Things U can't Live without .. ?

1) My Handphone
2) My NARS Foundation (Syracuse)
3) My Smile wink

6) Where do you see Malaysia heading in the next 5 years?

Oh Lordy .. hmmm .. Malaysia will be where it will be. Slightly better than Average
in most things but never at the Top, unless Malaysians start to think differently.

A Country is the sum of her people. If we don’t change, nothing will.
Of course I am talking about our Attitudes etc.

7) If you had a Weekend & 500 Bucks .. how would you spend it?

Last weekend:
(1) Tops @ Cotton On
(2) Grinder for Tobacco @ EmberShoppe
(3) Meal @ Bubba Gump’s
(4) ReLoad my Data Plan
(5) Starbucks or McD Cone Sundae
(6) A Movie
(7) Cat Food
(8) UBER
(9) Maybe a Book or 2 on Self Improvement @ Borders

8) Your Ideal BFF GF?

1) Open & Honest
2) Chill & Not Stressful
3) 2 way Traffic in Emo Flushing

9) Your Ideal BF?

1) Tom Cruise (younger)
2) I’m Ok with Nerds
3) K Pop ChangMin

10) Your Ideal BFF Guy Friend?

1) Kind
2) Patient
3) Has Spare Cash .. AHHAHAHAHAHAH

11) Your message to MYC! Readers ?

Life is Not Perfect .. Neither are You.

Be Kind to others you don’t know if you wish to have Strangers to be Kind to you.

12) Editor’s Thoughts:

Petra M is a cool chick. cool

Kind thoughtful and slightly idealistically whimsical.

She is Smart for someone with all her 19 years of Life on Planet Earth.

As MYC!TV’s Host, she is learning .. like On the Run; and like all else in her Life,
Learning about Life while on the Run laughing

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