Naked Passenger Onboard Malindo Air

Naked Passenger Onboard Malindo Air
Mar 5, 2018
2:42 am

If you wanna watch porn onboard a flight, KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON MAN!

This Bangladeshi joker onboard a Malindo Air flight (OD162) from KL - Dhaka decided to display a "free show" (not that there was anything to see...) for the unfortunate passengers on the flight, and not just that... he attacked the head stewardess too! 

The 20-year-old Bangladeshi student from a university in Cyberjaya was retrained by the passengers onboard the flight with a cloth and later detained by the Dhaka security team.

Dude, if you wanna "jerk your meat", do it in the toilet la... DON'T do it in public...think of how your mom would feel...

For your "moment of pleasure", now you're listed as a sex offender -.- 

Worth it? I think not...

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