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Could the OnePlus 5T Smart Phone Be The One??

Could the OnePlus 5T Smart Phone Be The One??
Mitchell Wong
on Tech & Games
Mar 5, 2018
1:09 pm

You see your friends who are buying new phones always with the same kinda brand that people would usually run after. Be it the iPhone or Samsung...and now even Huawei. 

Question is, are you getting the best specs out of the price you're paying? What if you can get the best specs of today for just RM1,938? 

That's about RM1,300 less than the latest Samsung Galaxy S9 & RM3,200 less than the iPhone X!

Let's have a look and see if this OnePlus 5T could possibly be the BEST BUY for you today.

if you wanna know more, click on the link below:

OnePlus 5T Price & Spec

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