Wild Boar Shot After Entering Mosque

Wild Boar Shot After Entering Mosque
Mar 7, 2018
10:20 am

WHAT: A wild boar startled mosque-goers when it entered a mosque in Sg Buloh yesterday night. It injured a man who was preparing for prayers, leaving him with cuts & lacerations on his body.

WHERE: Masjid Sg Plong, Sg Buloh

It took about 30 minutes for mosque-goers to chase the wild boar out of mosque before a man shot it dead with a shotgun.

No one else was hurt, which is great, and the JMNS has been contacted to evaluate proper cleaning (sertu) of the "affected" areas in the mosque.

Here's a video of the incident after the wild boar was shot at the parking area outside of the mosque:

MYC! Review & Opinion of the Human Interest Story: I'm sure the wild boar did die eventually after being shot, but here's a you think it was cruel of them to have shot a video & laugh about it while the boar was seen suffering in the video? Isn't the best thing to do was to put it out of it's misery and call it a day? cry

Hmm.. all in all, we do all hope that the man who was injured recovers fast :)

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