KFC Women Takeover!

KFC Women Takeover!
Mar 12, 2018
7:18 pm

If you didn't know about KFC Malaysia's special site takeover, meet the Colonel's wife, Claudia. Yeah, some of you may have assumed that it was a prank by putting a wig on the Colonel eh?

Fun Fact: Claudia used to work as a waitress in KFC before marrying the Colonel in 1948.

So why the initiative? Well did you also know that Claudia is the backbone of the business? Yep... behind every man is his amazing wife.

Claudia did most of the work while the Colonel was out doing the selling. So if you love KFC chicken, think of dear ol' Mrs. Sanders.

So here's to you Mrs. Sanders; Happy Women's Day :)

Check out this video to see what else KFC did to support International Women's Day:

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