Hottest Malaysian Policewomen

Hottest Malaysian Policewomen
Mar 13, 2018
8:21 am

Here's when stupidity turns wild...people coming forth claiming to be criminals.

Can beauty really make you THAT dumb?

Well these 2 ladies are known to be Malaysia's hottest cops.

1. Irene

Irene is from Sibu, Sarawak and based in a police station in Kuala Lumpur. No I'm not going to tell you which one... Don't let her sweet innocent look fool you - I heard she's pretty savage when she needs to be.


2. Oli Lee (real or not, we dunno...)

Don't blame us... this was the name on her Facebook. She's a little bit more low profile cause currently no one knows where she works. However, some sources have said that they think they saw her at a police station in Kuala Lumpur... guess you gotta visit every station to find out.


Apparently these stunning women of the law are friends so... JACKPOT!


If you wanna know who is the Hottest Korean Policewoman, stay tuned. Here's a snippet :)

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