Man Commits Suicide After Being Raped by MALE Boss!

Man Commits Suicide After Being Raped by MALE Boss!
Mar 16, 2018
2:53 am

Beware of intentions of people around you. In the case of this story, someone died for it and it's no joking matter. This actually broke a family.

According to reports, this handsome man from China was drugged one night by his collegues at a company dinner and OFFERED AS TRIBUTE to their boss who had gay intentions. 


If that wasn't horrifying enough, videos and images were uploaded into gay sites and were quickly circulated. 

As a result, the 25-year-old man who was married and had 2 kids, jumped off the 10th floor of his apartment from depression.

What pisses anyone off who read this, is that the colleagues covered up the story by claiming that  he had resigned from the job before his suicide and was facing work stress. What is wrong with the people in this world?!

Investigations are still ongoing, but for now...let's just pray for the victim's family over this very saddening loss.

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