Underrated Dates While on a Budget

Underrated Dates While on a Budget
Mar 19, 2018
11:51 am

When you've been with your partner for so long, it's true that dates can get pretty boring after awhile... y'know, the standard movie + dinner...

...but whoever said dates have to be expensive? Here are some cool laidback ideas for your next date and it will cost you RM50 or less!

1. Ice-Cream Date

There is absolutely nothing boring about going on a simple & cost-saving date at a place like McDonald's. Most girls (if not lactose intolerant) LOVE ice cream, and McDonald's are always creating great varieties. You can feed her sweet-tooth for less than RM10 and enjoy talking to her for hours. IF melted ice cream gets messy, here's your key to sneaking in a kiss :)

2. Drinks on a Helipad

Ok, it sounds expensive but really... you have a hot date and you're on top of a building looking over the city. The date can't be any more amazing. For RM50, you can get 2 cups of fresh juice... but if you're down for a little more of an adult's drink, throw in another RM10 and you can get yourself and your date 2 cocktails!

WHERE: The Heli Lounge | Jalan Sultan Ismail, Bukit Bintang

OPERATING TIME: MON - WED: 5.00PM - 12.00AM, THU: 5.00PM - 2.00AM (Ladies Night!), FRI - SAT: 5.00PM - 3.00AM, SUN: 5.00PM - 11.00PM (next day gotta work ma...)

Heli Lounge Bar

3. Ice Skating @ Malaysia's National Ice Skating Stadium

Regardless of your "skills" on ice, it's the most ideal date idea cause you now have a reason to HOLD HANDS! SCORE! ....just don't forget to catch her, unless you fall too - cause it's never fun to fall alone. Tip: Bring your own gloves & socks if you wanna save $$.

WHERE: Empire City, Jalan Damansara, PJU 8. (You can see the big sign from the highway)

4. Kayaking @ Putrajaya Lake Club

If you guys love the outdoors and getting wet, this is something really fun. You both will need to work together and this will create a great experience for communication. Like a lot of the old English/Victorian movies, usually it's the guy that does the pedalling but hey, it's the 21st century and girls love getting active too right?

PRICE: Single Kayak - RM10/hour, Canadian Canoe or a Double Leisure Kayak - RM20/hour.


WHERE: Precint 8, Putrajaya

5. Hiking Broga Hill

Many of you have probably already done it, but how can you complain when you're both getting active together and it doesn't come at a cost at all! ...well except your energy level. Besides, you'll get a kick-ass Instagram pic when you both reach the peak :)

WHERE: Bukit Broga Hill, Broga, Semenyih.

6. Waterfall Expedition

Hiking is FREE but the experience is PRICELESS. It's a 45-minute hike from the ticket counter to the 80-meter waterfall. You have a GoPro? Bring it.. You can swim, eat, and relax. If I recall, it's RM1/pax for entry. Last call for hikers to start their hike is at 3.00PM cause gates close by 6.00PM.

WHERE: Sungai Chiling Fish Sanctuary, 44000 Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor


7. Beach Chillaxing

If you're looking at a day-trip, it would only take you an estimate 90 minutes to get to Port Dickson...well unless you drive like you're in Fast & Furious, then I'm sure you can get there in an hour or less. Petrol wise, you'll be spending roughly bout RM50- RM60..and considering that it's a trip out state, not too bad. If you bring your own food, drinks, & snacks, you save more $$. She'll love you for the effort and you'll both have pictures to slot into your photo album :)

Here's an idea :)

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