Indulgence Starts with A Drizzle, with MUNCHY’S CHOC-O

Indulgence Starts with A Drizzle, with MUNCHY’S CHOC-O
Mar 20, 2018
10:34 am

Malaysian demands for yummy and crunchy biscuits through its latest delicious creation, MUNCHY’S CHOC-O with its features a crunchy chocolate chip cookie topped with a delicious chocolate drizzle to capture the hearts and taste buds of indulgence seekers.

For more than 25 years, MUNCHY’S has been providing affordable biscuits and snacks for every occasion while these days’ on-the-go consumers have very limited time to treat themselves with pampering moments.

MUNCHY’S CHOC-O is created to give satisfaction and joy to consumers who are able to truly take charge to taste in every bite of the delicious chocolate chip cookies.

MUNCHY’S CHOC-O is available in three different flavours which include Original, Double Choc and Mixed Nuts. The product can be purchased at neighbourhood grocery stores, hypermarkets and retail outlets nationwide, and is priced at RM2.30, RM3.60 AND RM 7.80 for West Malaysia and RM2.60, RM3.80 and RM8.30 for East Malaysia with inclusive of GST.

That's our boy, MYC! Nelson receiving a bag of MUNCHY'S goodies. Good lad...

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