Zlatan Ibrahimovich Leaves Manchester United

Zlatan Ibrahimovich Leaves Manchester United
Mar 23, 2018
2:55 am

Manchester United fans will have to wave goodbye to our Super Swede, Zlatan Ibrahimovich.

Zlatan was plagued with numerous injuries which left him off first-team football and even from the bench. Probably cause he is ageing like everyone else...

His contract with Manchester United has been terminated effective immediately, so if you see him the pitch again, he wouldn't be donning our (cause I'm a fan...) famous red jersey again. #foreverred

Here are some cool facts about Zlatan Ibrahimovich:

  1. He has 33 Career Club Trophies - making him among the players with the most.
  2. He has scored 215 club goals since turning 30 - putting him on top of the list, above countryman Henrik Larsson (189 goals) in 2nd place.
  3. He scored 17 Premier League in a season (2016/2017) at the age of 35! - that's the most for any player at 35 years old onwards.
  4. He has 11 Guldbollen awards for Swedish Player of the Year - that's more than any other Swede on the pitch! Even legends like Freddie Ljungberg & Henrik Larsson only have 2. 

A transfer news that I heard was that Athletico Madrid may be making a move for our Super Swede... so though we may not see him in the EPL, guess we'll just have to watch him in the La Liga (Spanish Premier League)...

All the Best Zlat!

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