Toys R Us Founder Dies

Toys R Us Founder Dies
Mar 23, 2018
4:55 am

I remember the days when I used to visit Toys R Us at least once a week and make my parents buy me gifts after gifts; the amount of joy you see on kids' faces when they come running in.

The founder of Toys R Us, Charles Lazarus passed away yesterday (Thursday | 22 MAR 2018) at the age of 94. Weirdly, this happened a week after Toys R Us made a public statement that it will be shutting down its operations in the States.

This would mean closing down 735 stores, 33,000 retrenched workers, and billions of dollars in debt. Guess liquidation just didn't sit well with him hmm...

All the same, all we can say is "Thank you Charles for bringing joy to children all over the World." You inspire us to bring joy to others rather than war. #RIP

As for you Americans, if you're reading this... Toys R Us stores still exist in Malaysia, so come on over! 

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