Graveyard for Bikes in China.

Graveyard for Bikes in China.
Mar 26, 2018
5:13 am

Riding bikes is definitely something encouraged here in Malaysia - to conserve fuel, avoid hectic jams, pains of parking (or someone standing at a possibly parking lot), and tolls.

However, in China, there seem to be an oversupply of bicycles and irresposible people that makes this situation really "messy." You'd be suprised at how many bicycles there are!

Doesn't it just look like flowers from up here?

This has caused somewhat an issue with pedestrians as it blocks pathways and looks like a dumpsite. Imagine what your mom would say if you left all your toys laying all over the floor in your room...

Too many of 'em, and nowhere to park 'em. Do you see the problem now?

Introducing to you, the Bicycle Graveyard.

This might interest many for a good Instagram post eh? :) ....if you're willing to fly all the way to China.

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