The Girl Whose Dad You Don't Want Piss Off

The Girl Whose Dad You Don't Want Piss Off
Mar 26, 2018
9:49 am

So this guy got pretty ballsy to date the daughter of the Tenom district police chief. Or did he not know...?

Deputy Superintendent Mohd Firdaus Francis Abdullah, the girlfriend's dad... (he is in the middle)

Encik Firdaus pulled off something that you would only see in Hollywood movies like Will Smith & Martin Lawrence's Bad Boys.

He took to the internet to ask netizens what would be the "BEST" picture to send to her daughter's boyfriend. Check it out:

1. "Boy, look at me in the eyes and tell me that you won't hurt my daughter"

2. "Eh, you don't try me I tell you"

3. "Son, if you good, we good"

4. "Boy, you don't wanna know what this parang can do"

5. "Love is in the air but remember what I'm holding, boy"

..but Encik Firdaus ain't just all about being the man with an iron rod.. he also gave this really chillax photo too :)

6. Or perhaps, a picture to let the boyfriend know that the family is cool as heck

If I were the guy, I'd choose to be good to Encik Firdaus' daughter and put a ring on it. Option 6 looks like the ONLY one you will want bruhh.

I'm pretty sure the guy is feeling this way right now for the day she tells him that her dad wants to meet him:

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