He Enrolled into an All-Girls College Just to WHAT?!

He Enrolled into an All-Girls College Just to WHAT?!
Mar 27, 2018
4:10 am

China surely have a ton-loads of amazing stories. This time, this 18-year-old Eastern China lad enrolled into an All-Girls College in Beijing...and for what? To increase his chances of getting a girlfriend -.-

We're not judging or anything but aren't you s'pose to go to College to study? China already has a population of 1,415,045,928 (18.54% of the World's population).

Well to be fair to the lad, there are only 100 girls to every 130 boys in China... so guess I see the need for him to do something like that. Good thinkin' dude!

“This school has many girls – if I can study here there won’t be a problem finding a companion.” 

Well lucky for him, his application went through. So I guess we can only wish him, Happy Hunting :)

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