Malaysian Chinese Made It into VAT 69

Malaysian Chinese Made It into VAT 69
Mar 27, 2018
9:29 am

Meet Liong...err I mean Commando Liong, a Johor-lad who is the first Malaysian Chinese among 500 other recruits to make the cut into the Very Able Troops 69 Commando (VAT 69 Commando). 

If you think it is easy, it's not. You're literally put through hell just to earn that sand-brown beret.

Now Liong isn't an adrenaline fact he graduated from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in Computer Science. He must love his country a lot cause he traded in a comfortable office wear to be a man-in-blue, in August 2015 before applying as a candidate for VAT 69.

“There were 600 applicants initially and only 13 of us cleared the tests. That’s because the first test itself is already extremely tough to pass.”

Liong was sent into the jungle without food for 2 weeks, where his survival skills were tested. Win lo...2 weeks without food! We're Malaysian...where can for the rest of us???

He continued to persevere challenge after challenge...resulting to losing about 10 kilos in about 4 months...

FACT: VAT 69 training is almost the same as the Americans' Navy SEAL. No joke...badass.

Congrats Commando Liong. We're all proud of you! 

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