Najib wants to Finance RM25 Million to Chinese Entrepreneurs

Najib wants to Finance RM25 Million to Chinese Entrepreneurs
Apr 2, 2018
9:28 am

If you were ever lacking funds to kickstart your business plan, there's no time like the present - especially now that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak has launched eCommerce Micro Credit Scheme, with RM25 Million up for grabs!

So this is a calling for all you Chinese entrepreneurs between ages 18-45, it's time to solidify your business plan and see it come to life. RM25 Million could do great great things for you, especially if you're in the tech line...

Here's why your beloved Prime Minister is doing so:

  1. To nurture technopreneurship among young people.
  2. To improve living standards for youths in terms of income and quality of life.
  3. To transform traditional SMEs so that they can remain competitive while enabling rural products to go global.

“I hope we will be able to achieve big results in at least three key areas through the Micro Credit eCommerce initiative.” quoting Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak

“We know this is crucial to our future. Advances in transportation and Internet technology are metaphorically ‘shrinking’ the geographic distance between even the most advanced cities and the most remote rural areas.” he added.

I'm sure we're all wondering... why now? We're not big on talking Politics and neither are we anti-government, but I'm sure you're curious if this has anything to do with the upcoming elections.. #nuffsaid

Anyway if this caught your attention, click on the link here and get your business up and running:

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