Malaysian Accounting Students Convention 2016 @ UM

Malaysian Accounting Students Convention 2016 @ UM
Mar 10, 2016
9:50 am

What’s this about?

Malaysia Accounting Students Convention (MASC) was held on 28th of January and it was one of the largest annual gathering of accounting undergraduates from public and private tertiary institutions combined across Malaysia. This event served as a platform for them to share intellectual facts based on several latest, crucial and close-to-close industrial issues.

What were the Highlights?

More than 250 people attended the convention started with the arrival of VVIP sponsors from BDO, Sunway TES, Great Eastern, Graduan, Grant Thornton and last but not least, the advisor of University of Malaya Accounting Club (UMAC). Mr. Lim Kin Chun, Project Director of MASC 2016 gave his speech followed by Dr. Liana Md. Rahin, Advisor of UMAC; before the Diamond Sponsor of the event, Miss Bonnie Tham from BDO officiated the ceremony. Participants were entertained with BDO corporate video and Organizing Committee Video Clip specially made for them by Multech Department before proceed to giving token of appreciation to the VVIP. Miss Bonnie Tham were given a token of appreciation by Dr. Liana as an appreciation for her presence in the event right before the session ended.

Where can I go to check it out more?

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