Most Epic Name Ever!

Most Epic Name Ever!
Apr 3, 2018
4:29 am

WHAT: Get this… his name is HELPMELAH. No joke, this Port Dickson resident’s name is Md. Helpmelah Bin Jaafar.

It was a name given to him by his Sarawakian father and apparently he was told that it was intentional. I wonder why…

His name made him quite popular back in school… especially by his teachers…when they needed a “helping” hand in class. Imagine this: Eh Helpmelah padam this papan ye Helpme? Poor lad..

However, if you’re around Port Dickson and you ask for a guy name Helpmelah, no one will know who that is. He’s known by friends as Boy Pasar cause he lives behind the Teluk Kemang market.

However, he is not alone. He found a perfect match in his wife Norolhudainseroh, nicknamed Noni. Her name was supposed to be spelt Nurul Huda Insyirah. However, "The registration officer who prepared my documents was Indian and when my father said the name, he just wrote it like he heard it.”

MYC! Opinion & Review of the Human Interest Story: Now I do believe there’s a special someone for everyone. I wonder what they’ll name their kids…

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