Got Time to Selfie After Getting Slapped… Seriously?!

Got Time to Selfie After Getting Slapped… Seriously?!
Apr 3, 2018
5:21 am

WHAT: This has gotta be the fakest “fight” in the history of “Trending Sh*t”… this couple truly got us ROFLing after watching this Fake Ass Fight.

So apparently this woman fought with her boyfriend at a coffee shop at Block 684, Hougang Avenue 8 in Singapore by provoking him for whatever reason. “Come on, try touching me once. Can’t you do it since you are Singaporean?” She even went on to shove her *ehem* upper assets towards the man while pulling her shirt down. Fulauu weyh.. haram in Singapore le!

The man indicated that he wasn’t gonna hit her as he leaves both his arms wide open. This woman wasn’t gonna let it be so she kept provoking the guy while telling everyone to pay attention to them. Drama queen much lady?

It was heard that the guy resulted to saying that he wanted a breakup before delivering a slap to her face…not cool man…

The funny thing is.. it took her quite some time before reacting to that slap…. And in the midst of rolling on the floor crying, she had time to TAKE A SELFIE! SERIOUSLY?!

MYC! Opinion & Review of the Human Interest Story: Someone get this woman a Grammy! However, still not cool for a guy to hit a woman. We’re not into that kinda thing… However, many netizens are commenting on how fake this fight seems to be. So forget Korean drama, just go coffee shop for watch it for free lo.

Here's the drama just for you:

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