YouTube HQ Shooting?!

YouTube HQ Shooting?!
Apr 4, 2018
2:58 am

WHAT'S the News: There was a shooting at the Home of Dreams, YouTube HQ that left 3 people injured and 1 dead. No reports have been made on what drove the suspect to open fire. Neither would anyone possibly know now, since the shooter is suicide. Not by the cops.

Police on the scene outside of the YouTube HQ at San Bruno

WHERE: San Bruno, California

YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki leaving the building after hearing reports of the shooting

News of the shooting went viral on social media, leaving many of the YouTube employees barricading themselves inside rooms till police and ambulances arrived to the scene.

YouTube employees walking out of the building after the shooting

All 3 injured victims of the shooting is currently receiving medical attention at the San Francisco General hospital, with 2 of them in critical/serious condition - 36-year-old male & 32-year-old female.

YouTube HQ at San Bruno, California

No reports yet on the identity of the female shooter, except the fact that she ran around with a handgun. Oh what is the world coming to...pfft...

Here's a report of the shooting by The Guardian:

So....on the subject of Guns:




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