Zedd's USD$16 Million Mansion has a Skittles Machine?!

Zedd's USD$16 Million Mansion has a Skittles Machine?!
Apr 4, 2018
4:04 am

DJ Zedd (real name: Anton Zaslavski) officially has the coolest and probably one of the most expensive homes around... Oops.. I mean Mansion.

Well from what you're about to see, his place is way more than just a mansion...more like a small community town. It has everything - including a freakin' Skittles machine! Not just any Skittles machines, a CUSTOMIZED Skittles machine. WHAAAAATTTTT.

Ok before I continue to ramble on...just go have a tour of his home. It's incredible...especially after spending USD$16 Million! (RM62 Million ++)

MYC! Review & Opinion of the Human Interest Story: As beautiful as it is... imagine how much money you'll be spending on utility bills... not to mention spring cleaning. You'll need an army of maids to get this place clean!

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