DRUNK Man Tries to Rob Lady in Kepong Mall Basement

DRUNK Man Tries to Rob Lady in Kepong Mall Basement
Apr 6, 2018
9:33 am

Ladies.. you've watched enough movies and heard enough stories of what happens in dark, scary basements right?

Well this lady spotted a drunk man standing by the pillar next to her car in a Kepong mall, but hearing of news spreading of how female victims get robbed in dark basements, she decided to not get out of her car. Good thinkin' lady :)

In 2-3 minutes, the suspect charged towards her car and started yanking at her door... thank goodness her car door was locked so he couldn't get in le...

With that numbskull being unsuccessful with breaking in, she decided to drive off and go a few rounds around the parking lot... GET OUTTA THERE WEII!

When she got back to her initial parking spot to take a picture of the suspect, the guy was gone. PHEWWWW...

Here are some tips for you LADIES who are driving out to run errands alone:

  1. ALWAYS keep your car doors LOCKED.
  2. If you spot someone suspicious near your car, park somewhere else or even on a different floor. #safetyfirst 
  3. Have a phone or camera to take a picture of the suspicious person so you can show to the mall security later.
  4. Arm yourself with pepper spray (don't carry around empty one ah...) or something to protect yourself.

If you wanna know what happened, the Chinese lady even took a video to share her story. TAKE NOTE: It's in Chinese so if you don't understand the language, have someone translate for you. 

Ladies please SHARE and BE AWARE when out alone.

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