[THROWBACK] Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017

[THROWBACK] Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2017

by Weng Kei

As the Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week has made its success for the last 5 continuous years, I personally think that the fashion sense in Malaysia has been growing so much lately. 

Starting from 2013, it becomes the fashionista’s festive season of the year. Well, good news is the official has set the date on 8th to 12th August 2018.

So what can people expect for the upcoming fashion week? It is still kept as a mystery. The highly anticipated fashion week must’ve gotten peoples’ excitement but let’s rewind back to 2017 on the iconic designs!


‘Fashion as a playground’ as the definition of their collection. Playful colors and whimsical prints are equally fun for the show. The ruffles brought the elegance whereas the prints made contrasting effect by clashing stripes with polka dots. 


‘The Estate’ as their debut collection which tells a story behind of Anna’s first time approaching to her mother’s wardrobe. The collection keeps its chicness to the classic silhouette like high neck top, baggy-sleeved button up top, shoulder off dress and pleated details.

Farah Khan

The brand has featured friends to rock the runway including Miss World, Rozita Ajmain, Lim Jim Leng and more. The kid’s wear probably made the most attention to! The total collection is also inspired by the 20th century artists like Wassily Kandisky, Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso and more. A statement look the brand has created is that sequined bomber jacket with puffy tulle skirt. Every pieces are coming into real life from well-known artwork!

What should we anticipate the fashion trends for 2018’s KL Fashion Week?


It comes with varieties in different length, form and silhouette. Say hello to the tassels to the springy season!


Denim, a timeless piece no matter where, when and how you style. The combination of styling denim are endless.

Vibrant colors

Vivid tones which come with saturated hues and color blocking is what the designers are playing around with. Playful yet chic.


Garment as canvas and artsy prints as medium. What a bold combination to rock the runway. You can never say too much about prints, isn’t it?

Sheer fabrication

Loose fitted garments are sheers besties with its lightness and flowiness which gives the dreamy vibe. Sheers for casual wear, no problem!

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