Taman Jaya Car Thieves using High-Tech Gadget

Taman Jaya Car Thieves using High-Tech Gadget
Apr 9, 2018
6:06 am

WHAT: It is believed that car thieves today are getting "smarter" with ways to steal cars. From what we hear, this high-tech device is called a RollJam that cn unlock about 90% of cars! This one guy who had the idea of taking his family to a park one day had left his phone, wallet and valuables in the car, and then his car was stolen.

WHERE: Taman Jaya Recreational Park, Section 10 (across the road of Amcorp Mall - with the gigantic lake)

Apparently these high-tech devices are being marketed under RM150 overseas-based trade website.. WHY WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?!

MYC! Review & Opinion of the Human Interest Story: The world is becoming smarter for all the wrong reasons. What can you take away from this? People will always find ways to steal your car, just learn to NEVER leave anything valuable behind.

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