Gone in 30 Seconds

Gone in 30 Seconds
Apr 10, 2018
2:47 am

WHAT: Someone lost her brand new Myvi…oh no! Pang, the owner of the stolen Myvi came home and parked her car in front of her house after work and went out again till 10pm to of which she came home no her now Myvi-less home.

According to her CCTV recording, it only took this Chinese guy 30 seconds to steal her car! Another case of someone using the high-tech device RollJam? This guy didn’t even look worried about alarms of anything…he just casually strolled over to the car, opened the door and drove off! #thuglife

Such a disgrace to Chinese people...

WHERE: Residential area in Ampang Jaya

MYC! Review & Opinion of the Human Interest Story: According to Pang, she’s sure she locked her car door. With Myvi proven to be the nation’s most popular car is the past decade, I would advise all Myvi owners to boost the security of your car.

Here's the CCTV footage from Pang's house of the incident: (zoom forward to 3:00)

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