Malaysians Win RM1.43 Million for Playing Dota 2

Malaysians Win RM1.43 Million for Playing Dota 2
Apr 10, 2018
11:14 am

WHAT: E-Sports seem to be the Oil & Gas of the gaming industry, having be one of the most lucrative career to date! So these 2 Malaysians, part of Team Mineski are now considered to be the Best in South East Asia after their team won the first ever Dota 2 Championship Tournament in SEA.

They beat out China’s Team LGD Gaming.

Team LGD Gaming fell short of expectations

Now RM1.43 Million richer, let’s congratulate Chai Yee Fung aka Mushi & Kam Boon Seng aka Moon for qualifying to compete on an international level at The International Dota 2 tournament that will be held at Roger’s Arena in Vancouver, Canada on 20 August 2018.

Team Mineski made history for being the FIRST SEA Team to win a Dota 2 Major

MYC! Review & Opinion of the Human Interest Story: Success stories like this makes many wonder why we’re still working desk/office jobs. If you wanna be a Millionaire, get gaming. #notmyadvice #istillneedajob

Here's what went down:

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