GE14 Public Announcement: TAKE NOTE

GE14 Public Announcement: TAKE NOTE
Apr 11, 2018
3:52 am

Voting date is officially on 9 MAY 2018.

Just as a public service announcement for those of you who may not know, if you registered yourself as a voter this year (2018), you are NOT eligible to vote for GE14. Yes, bummer....

As unfair as it may sound for many of us, looks like we'll just have to sit at the sidelines and PRAY for the RIGHT party to win. 

However, on the bright side, you do not have to cancel your plans just for the sake of voting. Don't forget that on 9 MAY 2018, it's also Bruno Mars' concert at Axiata Arena in Bukit Jalil.

So while others are lining up to vote, you will have easy access for parking and you'll be among the earliest to post pictures on Instagram! HOORAY for that!

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