NEW Player on the Block - MyCar

NEW Player on the Block - MyCar
Apr 11, 2018
2:27 pm

Yep, it's actually happening. UBER is shutting down its operations this coming Sunday so I guess you can save memory on your phone by uninstalling the app.

So the big question is... with UBER outta the way, does this mean that GRAB has no competitors in the market, which leads to another question on if this would mean GRAB would hike the price of their services?

Well thank you Robert Downey Jr :)

Answer is.... NOT!

A competitor has emerged at just the right time. Meet MyCar, an alternative transportation service that started operations on 1 FEBRUARY 2018. It works just like UBER & GRAB so like the saying goes, "when one door closes, another opens."

You will have the option of: MyCar Economy, MyCar Premium, MyCar MPV Compact, MyCar MPV Premium, and MyCar Cab; with the base fare starting as low as RM5 for riders within the Klang Valley, and RM4 for riders out-state.

If you wanna head to the airport and cab fares are way too expensive, how about paying just RM59?! Yeah I couldn't believe it either that MyCar is offering a ride to KLIA & KLIA2 at a fixed rate of RM59!! However, there's a current promotion that offers a lift to the airport for RM55. 

Oh here's another kick-ass feature; you heard about all the "sexual harrassment" reports by UBER & GRAB passengers right? Well, MyCar offer you a SOS button as an added measure of security! Booyah!

So if you're down to try something "same-same but different", here's a link to MyCar:

iTunes: MyCar iTunes

Play Store: MyCar Play Store

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