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The New Horror: New Style of Flight Seats??

The New Horror: New Style of Flight Seats??
Mitchell Wong
on Tech & Games
Apr 18, 2018
10:02 am

Here's the issue that many flight passengers face when on-board an aircraft - not enough leg room... especially if you're a big guy...

So an Italian seat manufacturer Aviointeriors came up with a solution that would make leg room a non-issue...but the question is, what are you giving up for more leg room?

Behold the latest concept idea for new aircraft seats, the Skyrider 2.0 - apparently Aviointeriors say that the saddle-like seats (yes i mean cowboy type...) won't provide you any discomfort. Idk about looks painful already...

The design of the seats are so upright that you would practically be standing... is this really a solution to a problem?

No airlines have been going after these new innovative seats yet, but what do you think? Would you wanna saddle up?