This is some Final Destination kinda flight!

This is some Final Destination kinda flight!
Apr 19, 2018
9:26 am

148 lives were saved all because of this lady, Tammie Jo Shults - a former U.S. Navy fighter pilot, who landed a Southwest Airlines plane that had lost an engine and a broken window.

Left: Tammie in 1985 after joining the U.S Navy; Right: Tammie, a hero in the air.

The Boeing 737 Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 was heading to Dallas from New York with 149 passengers on-board. Yes I said earlier 148 passenger cause someone did die...

The victim, Jennifer Riordan from New Mexico was partially sucked out of the window while the plane was still in the air. #RIP

Jennifer was pulled back into the plane but died from blunt force trauma to her head, neck and torso.

It was a 4-hour flight and everything was alright for the first 20 minutes until a loud "BOOM" jolted the plane as it was ascending to 30,000 feet. Needless to say, it was chaos onboard Flight 1380.

The left engine showed evidence of "metal fatigue", causing one of the engine blades to snap off and puncture the fuselage.

One window panel of the plane was hit by debris from the blown engine.

Tammie remained calm and air traffic control and arranged for the crew to meet Flight 1380 at its new destination, and she then proceeded to regain control of the plane.

Flight information provided by FlightRadar24 showed the plane dropped from over 30,000 ft to 13,000 ft in 5 minutes. The entire descent took about 15 minutes.

The minute the plan touched the ground and Tammie got out of the cockpit to check on her passengers, she was swarmed by the lives of the people she had bravely saved on that day.

A little history: In 1985, Tammie almost never made it as a pilot cause of her gender. However she got in and served in the U.S. Navy for 10 years, and was even promoted to Navy lieutenant commander. That's not all, she was also among the first female to pilot a F-18!


In 1993, the left the Navy and joined the Southwest Airlinesto work as a commercial pilot.. We all thank God for that! Tammie, you're not just badass, you're a true hero!

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