Malaysian Wins Sony World Photography Awards in London

Malaysian Wins Sony World Photography Awards in London
Apr 23, 2018
3:04 am

These incredible pictures describing the struggles and desperation of people made Malaysian freelance photographer Mohd Samsul Mohd Said a proud winner of the Sony World Photography Awards in London!

Mohd Samsul Mohd Said is recognized for his series Life Inside the Refugee Camp, which focuses on the ongoing Rohingya crisis, with hundreds of thousands of refugees having fled genocide in Myanmar.

He says that he hopes his photos are able to shine a bright light upon the plight of Rohingya. "I hope the reality of the misery depicted in these pictures will draw the attention of the world to (these) people. (The Rohinigya) are human beings just like us, who dream of a perfect life."

We wanna congratulate you Mohd Samsul on your beautiful pictures and the initiative of trying to bring awareness of such pain and suffering by the Rohingya people.

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