Get Dressed Up for College/Uni

Get Dressed Up for College/Uni
Apr 23, 2018
6:25 pm

by Weng Kei

Fashion is a decision to be made basically on a daily basis, like what to wear and how to wear for the day. Well, fashion is always one of the hot topic within the millennial these days. So, what kind of styles they pull off in the university/college?

1. Street Style

Street wear is an easy go-to look which is casual yet chic. It is the most approached fashion dressing styles by the students. It seems no difference with casual wear in comparison but a statement piece can stands out even more.

2. Casual Style

Think of casual, think of tees and jeans. Students can never go wrong with how simple and casual of an outfit is to the college! Oversized tee is nonetheless a perfect choice to go for, it is comfortable enough in the class and looks good in any type of body shape too!

3. Bohemian Style

Kimono cardigan with tribal prints can instantly make an outfit to achieve the so called Boho Look! Many girls do fancy about this particular style by its dreaminess and flowiness of the garment.

4. Preppy Style

Preppy look is also called as the college students’ look. It has a sense of sleekness to the outfit. Students who dressed in preppy style will definitely bring out the school vibe!

5. Sporty Look

Hoodies and sweaters are life! Sporty style does not necessary mean to be a total athletic themed outfit. It could be simply as a pair of legging, a oversized pullover and of course a pair of sneakers to finish the look!

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