5 Best Modern-Day Men’s Office Fashion

5 Best Modern-Day Men’s Office Fashion
Apr 30, 2018
8:41 am

by Weng Kei

Typical business suit and unimpressed dull colors scheme are too boring for the day. Fashion isn’t only just for an outing or a date but it also applies to the office too! So guys, it is time for you to forget the old suits now! Update your wardrobe by gearing up with a variety of cool outfits to dress to work!

Knits and Shirt

Here’s to give your basic button up a new vibe with vibrant knits sweater! Go neutral for both shirts and trousers since the knits has caught a lot of attention to.


Why not bringing the sweater weather vibe when you are allowed to dress casually to the office? Knitted cardigan with collar can make you appeal more professional than sweater itself.

Graphic tees and Suits

Suit and tie are too much for a daily basis. To remain the classics yet giving it a funky look, substitute the regular button shirt to casual tees. This look keeps you stay appropriately professional, maybe give it a try?

Button Shirt with Ankle Pants

For a decent approach for office wear, this will be your go-to outfit idea. Ankle pants are sleek enough to compliment both shoes and shirt. You will fall in love with how versatile the pants is!

Polos and Blazer

Polo with its signature collar designs acted as your regular button up shirt. They are meant to be more comfortable compare to shirts. You can get polos as many as you want now!

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