MUD : The Story of Kuala Lumpur Musical

MUD : The Story of Kuala Lumpur Musical
May 5, 2018
3:44 am

MUD KL performs live musical shows about the history and culture of Malaysia. It is truly an inspirational work that the audiences will find more appreciation towards the architectures, history and this spiritual city.

Panggung Bandaraya is where the MUD performers will be performing the live shows on a daily basis.

The duration of the entire musical show takes about an hour. It all started with three person called Mamat, Meng and Muthiah respectively. They are trying to search for opportunities for their new lives.

Throughout their journey, they do encounter a lot of evidence and people, each with their different interesting stories and personalities.

Together, the stories and people form the place where we call as home.

They used to be performing daily at Panggung Bandaraya but they are now offering shows upon private bookings and corporate events.

Log on to their Facebook Page for updates regarding bookings for the show: MUD KL Facebook

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