First Ever All-Screen Smartphone is Finally Here!

First Ever All-Screen Smartphone is Finally Here!
May 7, 2018
10:04 am

It's incredible how fast the Smartphone Tech industry is growing. The last cool-looking smartphone that caught your eyes was probably the iPhone X am I right? Do note: I said "cool-looking", not the best - cause we have the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus & Huawei P20 Pro!

Well let's move along to even better things shall we? Now we have an actual infinity screen smartphone! Truly... it's even better looking than the iPhone X. It's called.....the Vivo Apex!

Sure there are very minimal borders that you can see but really...are there any other phones out there closer to an infinity screen than the Vivo Apex?? Here's the rundown:

The Vivo Apex hasn't been released in Malaysia yet so we can't tell you how much it is, but we do hope it is soon!

...oh and you know when it comes to cool tech stuff like this, I gotta share with you guys the review from my favourite YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy.

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