Tealive+: Your Tea Booster On the Go.

Tealive+: Your Tea Booster On the Go.
May 15, 2018
1:10 pm

by Chew-bacca

WHAT: Your favourite bubble tea just got better! Tealive has introduced Tealive+, which is described as booster-on-the-go for your essential daily supplements.

Get revived with Energy Pack

Packed with active ingredients, energy booster helps you get through your day! It comes in handy when you need that extra boost of energy to submit it your last bits of assignment before you go back to sleep (ayeeee same here).

Improve immune system with Antioxidant add-on

It’s time to ditch expensive vitamin pills and get healthy with antioxidant add-on that is filled with fruit extract to improve your immune system.

Prep for the gym with Protein booster

You know how protein powder tastes like your disgusting milky childhood memories? Why not mix a sachet of protein booster with your favourite tea before you lift that dreadful 20kg weight? Trust me, it gets easier this time!

Wrinkle-free skin with Collagen packet

Too lazy to adopt a skincare routine? The fish collagen booster is perfect for you to smoothen your skin while you drink your thirst away. 

For RM2 per sachet, upgrade your drink with Tealive+ today! You don’t get this type of 2-in-1 everywhere!

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