Who's in Team X-Force?

Who's in Team X-Force?
May 18, 2018
1:37 am

After watching the trailer, we've noticed that there were some new characters who we're not familiar with. So here's a quick breakdown on who they are and what are their superpowers.

1. Cable | played by Josh Brolin (yep he's also Thanos)

POWERS: Telepathy, telekinesis, expert marksman, and hand-to-hand combat. 

WHO IS CABLE?: First off, damn that left hand looks cooler than the Winter Soldier's! So basically, we're looking at a mutant soldier from the future who was afflicted by a virus that caused his human tissue to cybernetics, hence his cool appearance. If the Winter Soldier + Deathstroke + Cyborg had a baby, ta-da!

FUN FACT BONUS: Did you know that Cable aka Nathan Summers is the biological son of X-Men's Cyclops & Madelyne Pryor (Jean Grey's clone)? Hence "Summers" AHAH!

2. Domino | played by Zazie Beetz

POWERS: Tychokinesis - the ability to manipulate probability.  

WHO IS DOMINO?: She's definitely a lucky charm don't you think? If you gamble with her at your side, you can't lose! Domino is able to bend reality around her - making things work in her favour. That is some side chick! whoops I mean side KICK.. sorry...

FUN FACT BONUS: If you ever get into a scuffle with Cable, she's your best bet for your survival. Now y'know who can make Cable soft :) #loveinterest

3. Bedlam | played by Terry Crews

POWERS: Can generate electromagnetic energy. 

WHO IS BEDLAM?: Apart from being a human electric socket, he also track energy signatures. Great now he's a human electrical hunting dog too? However, that being said, with the size of his arms, we're all sure that getting punched by him would mean an immediate TKO.

FUN FACT BONUS: Do not let him near your head cause this guy can literally scramble your brain's neural chemistry...

4. Shatterstar | played by Lewis Tan

POWERS: Master swordsman, can generate shockwaves, and accelerated healing.

WHO IS SHATTERSTAR?: He could be practically be called an alien cause he ain't from this universe. He hails from an alternate dimension called Mojoverse, a realm that is highly addicted on gladiator-like reality shows - so he's kinda a brauniac who heals really quickly. 

FUN FACT BONUS: According to ComicsAlliance in 2013, Shatterstar is rated #29 Sexiest Male Comic Character in their Top 50 list. Yes for Asians, but I don't see the you?

5. Zeitgeist | played by Bill Skarsgård (...& also IT -.-)

POWERS: Acid Breath

WHO IS ZEITGEIST?: If you know what hydrochloric acid can do to your skin, imagine what Zeitgeist can do to you if he pukes on you. His barf can literally burn through anything so he could easily break into any vault in the bank...but don't get him drunk cause if he pukes on you...bubbai.. so hence why he wears a splash guard..phewww

FUN FACT BONUS: One horrific experience of a drunk night-meets-making out with a hot girl caused the poor girl to have her face burnt after Zeitgeist accidently "puked"... 

6. Surge | played by Shioli Kutsuna

POWERS: Can absorb and discharge electricity. 

WHO IS SURGE?: She'd make a good duo with Bedlam don't you think? She can actually channel her stored energy into weapons and has super speed as well. That's hot! The gloves are to help her regulate her powers.

FUN FACT BONUS: This Japanese mutant hottie will eventually be the new leader of the New X-Men.. just watch and see. All you comic nerds like me will know what I'm talking about.

7. Firefist | played by Julian Dennison

POWERS: Pyrokenisis - better known as a fire-starter...from his hands.

WHO IS FIREFIST?: Fire doesn't just come from his fists as the team would eventually discover. He has a pretty cool power which enables him to manipulate fire - if you remember Pyro from X-Men. We won't know the full extent of his abilities from Deadpool 2 but we could assume that he did something pretty catasthrophic, hence being hunted down by Cable.

FUN FACT BONUS: He can actually do what the Human Torch can do - which is to set his whole body aflame not not even get hurt. He's someone that you know would be very dangerous when angry.

8. Peter W. | played by Rob Delaney

POWERS: Unknown

WHO IS PETER W.?: People believe that Peter W. is actually the super-powerful mutant Pete Wisdom who can shoot hot plasma blades from his fingers. He looks seemingly innocent, but then again, don't let looks fool you. He lives a double-life...just like Hannah Montana; beekeeper by day and powerful mutant by night.

FUN FACT BONUS: This mysterious character is one to surprise many. Nothing is certain about him so he definitely leaves a lot of suspense for us, the fans, to ponder over.

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