Settle Down with the 6.

Settle Down with the 6.
May 18, 2018
4:02 pm

Will this be the device that you wish to settle with? #punintended #NeverSettle

Once again, OnePlus shake up the market by the unveiling of brand new OnePlus 6.

In addition to fast charging and in-built headphone jack from OnePlus 5t, this device has an overall upgrade from looks to specs.

OnePlus 6 replaced the use of aluminium material with Gorilla Glass 5 for both front & back screen which led this device to stand-out from the previous model.

Oh, did I mention that OnePlus 6 have a bigger screen size despite same device size as 5T? More to see, more to work with.

OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 6

Besides having fast speed, it also has a really smooth performance - which also acts as another selling point.

OnePlus 6 is also the first water-resistant OnePlus device. What about better pictures? As for camera, this device supports super slow-motion recording and have an overall low light improvement.

A worth mentioning function will definitely be the gaming mode, now you can limit the network usage for other apps and game in peace. Super splendid news for all Mobile legend gamers, PUBG gamers etc.

OnePlus have also up their game this time round by introducing 3 variant of designs:

  1. Mirror Black – For standout looking
  2. Midnight black – Hide fingerprints better
  3. Silk white (with rose gold for metal frame) – Limited edition

What makes this device such a catch? Answer is *Drumrolls* the combination of new specs & advanced functions with AFFORDABLE PRICE!

*Price for Malaysia has yet to be released...

This highly anticipating device will first exclusively launch on 21st May at selected pop-up stores worldwide. Unfortunately, eager Malaysians will have to wait a little longer to purchase from e-commerce platform Lazada & Shopee.

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