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A Phone with 4TB of Memory?!

A Phone with 4TB of Memory?!
Mitchell Wong
on Tech & Games
May 31, 2018
10:15 am

Yep, Lenovo is making an attempt to stand out with it's latest soon-to-be-released flagship device, the Lenovo Z5.

It's said to be released on 5 June 2018, according to Lenovo vice president Chang Cheng via Weibo.

So what makes the Z5 something to be anticipated for? Well.. let me tell you:

  • 95% screen-to-body ratio on a 5.99 inch display screen
  • 45 Days Battery Life...

Can you believe it? I don't know! What can someone do with 4TB of storage?!

I mean..not just that; 95% screen-to-body ratio display screen?? Even current market leaders are only closing in to 85%...

...however, would you wanna buy it? Idk... we'll let you decide once it's released.

For more on the Z5 specs, click HERE.