Inspiring Dancer Living with Tourettes

Inspiring Dancer Living with Tourettes
Jun 7, 2018
11:23 am

People who knows of/heard of people with Tourette Syndrome would commonly associate it with a person who would have those sudden outburst of profanity etc etc...

It's not that they want to - they just can't help don't get offended if they call you a "d*ck" or shouts "f*ck you" when you're holding a conversation with them...

While many would wollow in depression, someone who caught our eye is 20-year-old Melbourne dancer Cassidy Richardson, who has about 150 ticks going off at a time!

Her disorder didn't stop her from pursuing her passion in dance and we dare say she's really good at it. It also helps that there isn't a guidebook that tells you how to dance - so her ticks sometimes can get incorporated into the choreography LOL.

Today, she's a professional dancer who trains at Transit Dance School in Victoria, Australia, and she hasn't felt more free than she does when she busting out those moves.

Cassidy with her dance crew

We'll let her tell you the story of her life with Tourettes, have a look:

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