10 Killer Drinks at The Deceased, KL

10 Killer Drinks at The Deceased, KL
Jun 11, 2018
11:29 am

It's pretty hard to get bored when you're chillin' out with friends in the city, but having another speakeasy spot to add to your list can't hurt right?

So how'd you feel about grabbing a few drinks with your pals at a place that looks like a Chinese murder hub? Don't worry, these drinks will definitely change your mind - and you won't regret it. #spookfest

Welcome to The Deceased!

Let's get on to the drinks menu:

1. Spirits of Banana Tree

Based on superstition, it is said that tying a RED string around a banana string can actually summon spirits... err...

Ingredients: Pandan leaf-infused white rum, banana liqueur, citrus juice, and coconut milk.

Liquor Potency: 3/5

2. The Medium 

According to another superstition saying, uncooked rice is used by spirit-mediums/bomohs for spirit possessions. You don't have to eat the uncooked rice or egg, relax :)

P.s: There's a kick of Tau Foo Fah flavour...

Ingredients: Mehkong dark rum, tofu, Hawthorn, almond syrup, and lime juice

Liquor Potency: 4/5

3. Yin Yang

Ok this is based on a famous Chinese philosophical idea of bringing balance between 2 seemingly opposing forces. DO NOT DRINK BOTH THE VILES TOGETHER!

Ingredients: Yin (white bottle): Gin, Giffard China, sweet vermouth, aperol, Angostura bitter, and orange slice; Yang (black bottle): Gin, campari, aperol, and orange slice.

Liquor Potency: 4/5

4. Santau

It may sound pretty morbid on the menu, but you citrus-lovers will enjoy this. Don't freak out - till you've tasted it.

Ingredients: Mehkong dark rum, house-made ginger syrup, lemongrass, lime juice, and Angostura bitter

Liquor Potency: 5/5

5. Ouija

This would be the breast (oops...), I mean BEST choice if you're one who loves interactive drinks. Prepare your Instagram for when you're pouring your drink. Trust me.. *wink wink*

Ingredients: Tieguanying tea-infused gin, grape juice, lemon juice, and soda water

Liquor Potency: 4.5/5

6. Monkey Brain

Order this if you have another 2 friends with you - portion is big and you'll definitely get buzzed... least you have fun in a trio.

Ingredients: Passion fruit, kumquat, ginger ale, gin, rum, and vodka

Liquor Potency: 4.5/5

*Off-Menu Killers Specials*

7. Ruan Lingyu

If you're a sucker for celebrity news, this drink is named after a Chinese actress in the 1930s, who took her own life at 24, after being victimized by ruthless tabloids.

Ingredients: Can't tell you but it's definitely a standout.

Liquor Potency: 4/5

8. Shi Er Shao by Leslie Cheung

Leslie Cheung loves mango, which is one of the reason this drink is named after the famous Hong Kong actor. One of the most popular drink you'll see trending on Instagram - cause of that sphere glass la fo'sure...

Ingredients: Patron tequila, mango, sour plum, and sparkling wine

Liquor Potency: 3.5/5

9. The Warrior Shot (REAL TRUE KILLER!)

Hope you're ready to grow real hair on your chest...and do have a designated driver who isn't drinking with you.

Ingredients: Mango patron infused with sour plum, complete with a splash of beer (ingredients changes almost every night.)

Liquor Potency: 5/5

10. The Rouge by Anita Mui

It's presented on a flashy stage that is meant to represent the stage that Anita Mui is accustomed to performing on. Another hot topic on Instagram!

Ingredients: Sweet-sour blend of Osami sour plum liqueur and sparkling wine

Liquor Potency: 4.5/5

MYC! Reminds You to: Remember to always have a designated driver with you or call a GRAB. Have fun & stay safe.

If you wanna get your drink on, head on over to The Deceased in KL:

WHERE: 55 (first floor), Jalan Sultan, 50000 Kuala Lumpur | The Deceased KL

OPERATING HOURS: 6.30 PM – 2.00 AM (Closed on Tuesdays)

FOR MORE INFO: The Deceased Instagram | The Deceased Facebook


The Deceased has a 4-digit code that changes daily, so call ahead or else you'll just be chilling OUTSIDE...

Phone Number03-2715 7492 (you're welcome...)

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