What's Up in Semenyih?

What's Up in Semenyih?
Jun 12, 2018
12:13 pm

We gotta admit; when you feel like being adventurous & fit-for-the-day, Broga Hill comes to mind. Maybe cause it ain't too far away and the scenery is beautiful - but one thing we know for sure is that people always keep heading over.

While that great exercise for the day, you'd probably wanna know what else to do there; so we got you covered. Here are some suggestions that you can do while you're there.

1. Watch the Sunrise

This is what we all make the trip for - the beautiful sunrise. It's a view to die for and it'll definitely uplift your spirit. I go there when I need some time away from people and when I just want some peace and quiet.

Tip: Plan your timing so you don't miss the sunrise. You would want to find the perfect rock to sit on to enjoy this beauty.

WHERE: Broga Hill, Semenyih

2. Adrenaline-rush Outdoor Activities

You'll be coming here to get your adrenaline pumping. There are activities like kayaking, flying fox, rock climbing, camping, cycling, and more! Also there's a package for both day trip packages and overnight stay packages.

Tip: Great idea for a family getaway or company team-building.

WHERE: Paradise Valley, Semenyih

3. Go for a Picnic

You have 515 acres of land to enjoy and relax on. Why not enjoy a picnic with your date at Forest Park and then enjoy some bonding time over cycling or even jogging? This place is definitely a hot topic for you to visit!

Tip: Bring your camera and extra clothes. Your Instagram will be buzzing from the feeds you get of this place.

WHERE: Eco Forest, Semenyih

4. Delicious Makan!

All those activities must've worked up an appetite - so here's a great roadside restaurant for you to re-fuel your energy. Unfortunately this place is NON-HALAL...sorry guys.

Tip: It's known for it's famous Mongolian-style fried chicken cubes & its signature assam petai tilapia.

WHERE: Restoran Brogla, Lenggeng

5. Play with Rabbits

No questions asked. You know you'll definitely head over - be it whether you're a little girl or a big brut, rabbits have a way of making anyone so soft.

Tip: It's only a 10-minute drive away from Broga...*ehem*

WHERE: Rabbit Fun Land

6. Kampung-style Makan

Now this place is definitely HALAL! You have an array of delicious organic kampung-style cuisine - all cooked for you in Chef Elda's private kitchen! Ooooo fancy...

Tip: You gotta order her authentic dendeng daging, nangka pucuk paku, and ulam-ulam sambal belacan.

WHERE: Elda's Farmhouse, Semenyih

7. Check out the Colourful Temple

It's a nice walk for couples - quiet and peaceful. Enjoy the relaxing ambience around you as you digest your food.

Tip: This place is a popular location for a lot of films - yes many scenes were shot here.

WHERE: Sak Dato Temple, Semenyih

8. Camping in Nature

You don't have to travel far to enjoy the great outdoors. You've just found yourself an internationally accredited campsite that has won multiple awards.

Tip: Here are some of the activities available: flying fox, mountain biking, rock climbing, cave diving, waterfall climbing, archery.

WHERE: OUTBAC Broga, Semenyih

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