Woman Was Swallowed Whole by Giant Snake!

Woman Was Swallowed Whole by Giant Snake!
Jun 18, 2018
10:07 am

People with Ophidiophobia (irrational fear of snakes) should probably not see this, but a 54-year-old Indonesian woman Wa Tiba was found INSIDE a 23-foot python! 

Villagers of Persiapan Lawela, off shore of Sulawesi, caught the enormous phython and cut it open...only to see something that most of you wouldn't want to... *LOOK AWAY...*

The 54-year-old housewife was found missing on Thursday night when she didn't return after going to check on her corn plantation about 1km away from her home. A search party of roughly 100 people were sent to go look for her & at 9.30AM the next morning, y'know what they found. 

WARNING: DON'T watch this video if you have a weak stomach.

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