Extreme Rock Climbing at Gua Damai Extreme Park

Extreme Rock Climbing at Gua Damai Extreme Park
Jul 2, 2018
10:07 am

by Aishya

When people talk about Batu Cave, the first thing that will appear in your mind would be…

The great huge golden statue and an extreme 272 stairs to be climbed.

Did you know that there is another attraction there, especially for adventure enthusiasts? It is the GUA DAMAI EXTREME PARK. A place situated behind the Batu Caves hill. Those who are very into extreme activities would have known about this place. This place operates from 9.00 AM - 6.00 PM every day.

Good news for visitors!!! There are no entrance fees but you have to register yourself in the guest book. If you wish to do any of the activities, then you have to pay for it. All those fees are for the equipment and some refreshments.

Alright, let’s see what we can do here…

Climbing & Abseiling

Gua Damai is the best climbing site so far. It has more than 100 routes with different level difficulties. Don’t worry, they also have route for the newbies! Gua Damai is known as the Best Rock Climbing Site in Malaysia. For abseiling, you’ll start form the hole of Fix Tree Cave. Make sure that you gears are fully operational.

Zip Line

Visitors must try this!! Flying between the trees and enjoying the panorama from the Crystal cave with the speed of 30-40km/h, you will never be disappointed. Adrenaline rush for sure!

Cave Trekking

There are about 5 caves there and only 4 are open for public. Those are Gua Kristal, Gua Anjing, Gua Chili Padi, Gua Ichibawa and Gua Fig Tree. While trekking, you’ll spot some herbal plants nearby the cave entrance. Make sure to get your head lamps ready before entering the cave. They also provide educational caving via “Ichibawa Cave”. You’ll get through chambers, passing by the formation of stalagmite and stalactite and cave wildlife. 

They also provide a class for those who want to learn about high ropes.

You can refer to the Gua Damai Extreme Park website for packages and fees. 

For those who love to do extreme outdoor activity and try something new you can check out this place!!

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